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[Sell]sell Chloral hydrate

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Region: China
Category: Chemicals / Organic Intermediate
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CAS No. 302-17-0
Molecular weight 165.4
Molecular formula CCI3CH(OH)2
Appearance White crystal,easy evaporate in the air and soluble in the water,ethanol,ether,glycerin,acetone,olive oil and so on.low-grade soluble in benzene,etc
Assay(%) ?99%
PH 3.5~6.0
chloride ?0.01%
melting point 57?
Level of addition(mg/I) 10-100
burning residue ?0.1%
Application 1.For electroplating industry used to adjust the electronic potential difference in semi-bright nickel plating;it can affectively remove the active sulfur in the bath,and improve the electronic potential difference.

2.For pharmacy,it can be used as a hypnotic drug and anti-eclampsia drug.

3.For agruculture,it can be used as intermediate of herbicide and other kinds of pesticides.
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