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[Sell]Sea-ion 301 woven bag printing ink normal temperature detergent

PDF: [Sell]Sea-ion 301 woven bag printing ink normal temperature detergent PDF
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Sea-ion 301 woven bag printing ink normal temperature detergent
Sea-ion 301 is specially designed for the woven bag printing ink cleaning at home and abroad .It can remove the printing ink and environmental pollutants at the normal temperature .After cleaning , the granule is white, the added value is high .The sea-ion 301 is a perfect product to increase profit for the woven bag recovery processing manufacturer.
Not contain hazardous material such as phosphorus and nitrite.
No need to heat, save energy, reduce processing cost.
Cleaning speed is quick, about 0.5-1 hour .benefit for mass production.
Lower cost, dispose every ton of woven bag need only RMB 100 of detergent.
The total cost will reduce about RMB 200 per ton.
Process is simple. It is usable for whole bag and broken bag.
Less equipment investment, more favorable for newly opened woven bag recovery processing manufacturer.
Big clearing power, high cleanliness,increase product added value largely.
No bubble and harmless design, waste water doesn’t pollute the environment.

Adaptation scope: Remove printing ink on the surface of all kinds of woven bags (PP).

Usage method:
Dip the woven bags into the sea-ion 301 detergent which added water proportionately about 1 hour, break them after dehydration, wash with clean water. If whole bags were not clean after cleaning, immerse them into detergent. Add new detergent to the drop part of the detergent.

1. It is sea-ion product; please keep them away from sunlight.
2. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.
3. Long-term operation, please wear plastic gloves.
4. Wastewater must be disposed before discharge.
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