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[Sell]Containerized Water Treatment Apparatus

PDF: [Sell]Containerized Water Treatment Apparatus PDF
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Region: China
Category: Environment / Water Treatment
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Containerized Water Treatment Plant can effectively meet the demand of water in remote areas. It can be easily installed and operated and can be moved to new sites. In various environmental and municipal emergencies this plant is preferred. Containerized plant is a comprehensive wastewater treatment plant in a box. In a single unit it contains all the necessary items that are necessary for water purification. Components of containerized plants

Containerized container consist of following components:Intake Container

Intake container receives raw water. Partial sedimentation is carried out here.Filters and Other System

The unit consist of activated carbon filtration system and polishing micro cartridge filters. The container also has coagulation and chlorine dosing arrangement. These units normally also contains UF and RO systems for producing fresh water and drinking water arrangement. The inbuilt generator provides power to lift water from deep bore well and river.Flocculation container

To remove the suspended solids per chlorination is applied and flocculation agent is added. This enables the formation of floc.Sedimentation container Sedimentation is carried out in this chamber. Filter container

Residues of suspended solid is removed here and through chlorination microorganism is controlled.

Treated water feeding container

This section contains the pumping system, air compressor and filter loading pumps.

Treated water storage tank

Finally there is a storage tank where treated water is stored.

Applications of Containerized Plant

Applications of containerized plant includes:

Municipal services on a temporary basis

In case of environmental emergencies

Mining Camps
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