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[Sell]seawater desalination equipment

PDF: [Sell]seawater desalination equipment PDF
Contact Person: shellyzhang
Telephone: 86-13791074333
Address: zhangzhuang rode
Region: China
Category: Environment / Water Treatment
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Reverse Osmosis Desalination Unit
Place of Origin:Jinan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Anjier-Leojoin
Model Number:LQ-SW
Auto level;Full Auto
Material:Stainless steel
Raw water:Sea water
Certificate:ISO 9001:2008,CE

Detailed Product Description
Sea water desalination machine
1. Install compact
2. Dull automatic
3. RO membrane
4. Bester after-sale service

With the report of raw water and the different requirements in different field, we can make a appropriate design for you.

Characteristics Of Leojoin Sea water desalination system
A. It adopts computer simulating system design; the complete system performs safely and reliably.
B.It enables to treat seawater and brackish water meets to the World Health Organization (WHO), drinking water standard.
C. Easy operation, it adopts PLC automatic control, one button can achieve the equipment start and stop.
D. It adopts the American DOW membranes and American CAT or Denmark Dan Foss ro high pressure pump.
E. Adopts imported RO membrane from America, which can remove 99.7% inorganic salt, heavy metal ion and completely get rid of colloid, microbiology organic materials, germ, protozoa, pathogens, bacteria, inorganic chemical and so on.
F. Equipped with auto pressure protection system and on -line monitor.
G. The lifespan of the whole system is long, operation simple, the applicability is strong.

Diamond mining
Oil rigs
Marine vessels (Fishing, yachting, power boats, shipping etc.)
Coastal & islands hotels
Large irrigation schemes
Private islands
Ocean ship
Island and other poor water area.

Main components:
Multimedia filter
Activated carbon adsorption tower
Seawater desalination equipment main body
Cartridge filter
High pressure pumpMotor of high quality
High pressure shutoff device Low pressure shutoff device
Pressure/flow indication
Electric control cabinet, meter for inspecting the water quality
High pressure pipelines (material: 316SS)
High pressure hose (316SS joint)
Low pressure pipelines
Energy recovery system

■Service from Anjier-Leojoin:
1) Installation guideline for the preperation work
2) Spot training and goods inspection
3) life long technical and maintenance service
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