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[Sell]Refrigerator Plastic Injection Mold

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Contact Person: Sissi Xin
Telephone: +86(576)89881910
Address: Gong Xin Avenue ,West Industrial Zone,Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
Region: China
Category: General Mechanical Components / Moulds
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Taizhou Huangyan Chengxun Plastic Mould Factory is professional in Refrigerator Plastic Injection Mold, China refrigerator mould manufacturer, plastic mould for refrigerator, electric appliance mould.
Welcome to contact with us email (chengxunmouldAT163.com) or skype (chengxun011)! Maybe you can search CHENGXUN MOULD in Google to get our contact information.

Refrigerator Mould machining process
1. fly-cutter, removal of oxide layer on the surface of the fetus
2.grinding machine: grind smooth up plane and down plane of all the mould plate
3drilling machine:Work out all the threaded holes on the mould base
4CNC milling machine: Put mould in high precision CNC milling machine,do elaborate processing for the parting surface and the product parts, after this step, the mould is basically taken shape.
5 cnc engraving,do further machining for the detailed parts which cant be finished at the last step.
6 electric pulse,more detailed machining. Use EDM machineing small corners or deep parts on the strengthening rib.
7 Thread cutting, machining holes like ejector cam insert, eject pin holes and so on.
8 Deep hole drill,maching deep holes like cooling water line, eject pin holes and so on.
9 CNC lathe,maching round mould parts,such as inset core,locating ring and so on.
10 Benchwork assembly,assemble all processed parts to be a set of mould.
11 First mould trial,the purpose of this mould trial is watching whether all mould parts is processed well or not, whether all matched parts is matched well or not, whether the entire plastic product can be moulded or not.
12 Modify,do detailed and complete modify according to the first mould trial.
13 Polishing,do polishing for the gloss parts of the product
14 Nitriding,in order to improve the durability of the mold,we do nitriding at the surface of the important parts.
15 Chromium plating,it also can improve the durability of the mold. And this step is a necessary step for all the transparent products mould. It can improve the product’s brightness and transparency
16 Twice mould trail, this mould trial is a formal mould trial. normally after this mould trial,it is shows that the mould is mainlyfinished
17 Do beautification for the mould appearance, for example, Precision fly knife, chamfering, spray paint, add mold plate
18 Mould base(LKM/HASCO,DEM) is selected by customer
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