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[Sell]Ethyl vanillin 121-32-4(ycgcsale56(at)yccreate.com)

PDF: [Sell]Ethyl vanillin 121-32-4(ycgcsale56(at)yccreate.com) PDF
Contact Person: Lisa yang
Telephone: 86-27-88085967
Address: 496#zhongshan Road,Wuchang,Wuhan,China
Region: Chile
Category: Chemicals / Flavour and Fragrance
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Post Time: 2013-06-05T04:52:48+00:00
Ethyl vanillin 121-32-4(ycgcsale56(at)yccreate.com)
AnotherName:3-ethoxy-;3-Ethoxy-4-hydroxybenzaldehyd;3-ethoxy-4-hydroxy-benzaldehyd;4-Hydroxy-3-ethoxybenzaldehyde;Benzaldehyde, 3-ethoxy-4-hydroxy-;Benzaldehyde,3-ethoxy-4-hydroxy-;Ethavan;ethvlvanillin
Molecular Weight:166.17
Molecular Formula:C9H10O3
Assay: 99%
Package: 25kg/carton
Appearance: White crystalline powder
Usage: Flavor, Protect from light. Aldehydes are readily oxidized to give carboxylic acids. Flammable and/or toxic gases are generated by the combination of aldehydes with azo, diazo compounds, dithiocarbamates, nitrides, and strong reducing agents. Aldehydes can react with air to give first peroxo acids, and ultimately carboxylic acids. These autoxidation reactions are activated by light, catalyzed by salts of transition metals, and are autocatalytic (catalyzed by the products of the reaction). The addition of stabilizers (antioxidants) to shipments of aldehydes retards autoxidation.

Lisa yang
E-mail: ycgcsale56(at)yccreate.com
Phone: 86-027-88085967
Mobile: 86-18062666846
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