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[Sell]Semi-trailer Axle Germanic type Axle BPW Axle

PDF: [Sell]Semi-trailer Axle Germanic type Axle BPW Axle PDF
Contact Person: Coco Liu
Telephone: 13333092671
Address: Chengbei Industrial Area, Longyao County
Region: China
Category: Automobiles & Motorcycles / Other Auto Parts
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Post Time: 2013-05-24T00:10:12+00:00
Semi-trailer Axle Germanic type Axle BPW Axle

Axle Feature:
1.BEAM: use 20Mn2 seamless pipe, through onepiece press forging and special heatreatment, which has great over loading capacity and high intensity.
2.HUB: can assembly ECO Hub system.
3.HEART TREATMENT:special heart-treated,low-alloy steel axle beam,offer more stability,greater capacity and lightr weight..
4.ABS :easy for ABS installation.
5.HUB CAP:New 100%tight fit hub cap with additional o ring,provide optimum.
6.SPINDLE:Solid inserted spindle and bearing journals laser heat treated,provide superior fatigue capability,the bearing position is processed by the method of hardening operation,therefore,the bearing can be fixed by hand instead of heating,also convenient for maintain and fixing.
7.BRAKE LINING:has high performane,non-asbestos,non-pollution,and long using life,For easy checking and replacing,it also comes with the position of the exhausting to remind customer to check and maintain.
8.BEARING:is adopted with the domestic top brand bearing,with the advangages of over loading capability,high rotating speed,good intensity,abrade resistant and heat reststant.
9.PROCESS:use double side single hole boring lathe and double side three hole boring lathe,which process the both sides of axle body at same time to insure the axle concentric.
10.BOLT:are made of alloy material,which has the capability of high intensity,well streth&bends intensity.
11.GREASE:use internation famous brand grease,which can provide high lubricating performance and protect bearing well.
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