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The 3rd IGPE China (Shanghai) International Grain and Processing Industry Expo
China grain exhibition 2013 Date: July 3-5, 2013
China grain exhibition 2013 Venue: Shanghai Exhibition Center, China
China grain exhibition 2013 Official Website: www.paddyexpo.com

China grain exhibition 2013 Directors:
Chinese Nutrition Society
China Green Economic Development Institute

China grain exhibition 2013 Undertakers:
Yonghong Kunxiao Expo (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.
Yonghong International Expo (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.

China grain exhibition 2013 Co-organizers:
Beijing Bowen Sunshine Exhibition Co.,Ltd.
Beijing BXY Corporation Manage Adviser Center
Investment Association of China
China Green Industry Development Institute
National Green Industry Promotion Committee

China grain exhibition 2013 Exhibit Scope:
Grain: wheat, flour, rice, maize, coarse cereals grains other than wheat and rice, imported grains

Organic grain: organic grain, organic rice, organic coarse cereals, selected seeds

Nutrition grain products: nutrition flour products; nutrition rice products; nutrition coin products; nutrition soybean products; sweet potato, potato and others nutrition products; nutrition coarse cereals products; grain convenient food; grain nutrition soup ingredient products; grain sweet food product; woody grain products such as Chinese chestnut; grain syrup, juice and milk products; grain baking products; grain fast food, sweet food; fried, preserved fast grain products; complex nutrition grain products; imported grain products; health food, frozen food, snack, local and native food relevant to grain and oil products; etc.

China grain exhibition 2013 Grain product with “China top brands”, “green food”, “trustworthy food” etc.5. Grain candy such as flour candy, corn candy, etc.

Grain oil and its products.
China grain exhibition 2013 Grain machinery: rice, flour, food processing machinery; starch sheet automatic production line, fine dried noodles production line, roll pastry machine, noodle equipment, white rice grading sieve, feed ( meal ) shredder, wood silo, grain delivery machine, fried instant noodle production line, cleaning sieve, circulating air separator, warehouse detection threshold, various models of cylindrical screen, electric sieve, cotton gin, grinding rolls, circulation fumigation system, ventilation system, white rice polishing machine, efficient magnetic separator, grain dryer, rice milling equipment, rice featured machines, pulverizer, bulking machine, washing China grain exhibition 2013 centrifugal sieve, grain & oil deep-processing equipment, grain and oil processing control technology machine.

China grain exhibition 2013 Grain & oil deep-processing technology and warehouse logistics: wheat, corn, soybean, coarse cereals deep-processing technology, resources transformation and integration utilization technique; grain & oil deep-processing by product integration utilization technique; grain feed efficient utilization and green feed processing technology; grain storage, transportation, loading and unloading equipment; modern grain logistics programming; grain depot management information system; grain storage technology and equipment; agricultural machinery and equipment; etc.

China grain exhibition 2013 Grain food production and processing technology and equipment.
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