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[Sell]Wet strength agent for paper

PDF: [Sell]Wet strength agent for paper PDF
Contact Person: Mark Wan
Telephone: 86-728-3601199
Address: Liukou Industrial Park,Xiantao,Hubei province,China
Region: China
Category: Chemicals / Paper Chemicals
Link Tool: China Chemicals - China Paper Chemicals
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Post Time: 2013-05-09T00:10:20+00:00
Product name: Wet strength agent
H. S. CODE: 38099200
Appearance: Light yellow transparent liquidWet strength agent is that one kind is not formaldehyde polymer, nonpoisonous and tasteless, hydrogen ion index range is wide. Suitable for in neutral copying paper under the alkaline condition a little, to acid to copy paper to be suitable even, and it increases wet strong result and is obviously superior to urea aldehyde and resin and gather cyanogen and amine and formaldehyde resin three times. PAE resin is that the sector application of papermaking of our country develops a kind of very fast of good performance wet strong pharmaceutical in recent years.
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