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[Sell]4-Sulfonamidophenylhydrazine hydrochloride

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4-Sulfonamidophenylhydrazine hydrochloride
4-Sulfonamidophenylhydrazine hydrochloride is used in pharmaceutical intermediate and other. It’s mainly used for producing Celecoxib.The process and raw materials as follows:After sulfanilamide diazotized with hydrochloric acid and sodium nitrite,again under the reduction of sodium bisulfite, after acidification,filtration,cooling,crystallization,centrifugation, drying, then package and storage.
Synonyms: Hydrazinobenzene-1-sulfonamide hydrochloride
4-Hydrazinobenzene-1-sulfonamide hydrochloride;
4-Aminosulfonylphenylhydrazine hydrochloride

Molecular Formula: C6H10ClN3O2S
CAS NO:17852-52-7
Molecular weight:223.68
Appearance:white powder
Melting Point:217-219℃
Purity(%): ≥97
Sulfanilamide: ≤1.0
Single impurity(%)≤0.2:
Total impurity content(%):≤1.5
Sulphate ash: ≤2.0
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