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[Sell]Dry Magnetic Separator

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Contact Person: judy
Telephone: 86-371-60263088
Address: Mid Xinxing Road, Gongyi City, Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Region: China
Category: Manufacturing & Processing Machinery / Mining Machinery
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Post Time: 2013-02-21T19:40:50+00:00
Dry-type permanent magnet dry magnetic separator drum magnetic separator is the successful development of our new high-performance magnetic separation equipment. Department of all the magnetic are made by rare-earth Nd-Fe-B high-performance materials and high-quality ferrite materials. After a cleverly designed open-circuit, tube scale constituencies can achieve the maximum magnetic induction more than 0.8T, the magnetic field strength of conventional magnetic machine 3 -5 times that of the magnetic field strength at the constituency up to Electromagnetic Separator strong magnetic level. Cylinder separation refined by the use of wear-resistant stainless steel. Mineral sorting through the vibration feeder evenly separate of the upper tube, rotate the cylinder to cylinder behind that of non-magnetic materials, magnetic materials by the strong magnetic field force suction to the cylinder, with sub-ore easily board, accurate to the magnetic separation of non-magnetic materials. Strong magnetic field strength with Drum Magnetic separator for sub-select, weak magnetic minerals into a reality. Equipment to deal with a large amount of sorting a wide range of mineral grain size, separation of high precision, non-blocking; simple structure, easy maintenance, strong electromagnetic power consumption of only 20% of magnetic separator.
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