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[Sell]Natural Teak Root Table

PDF: [Sell]Natural Teak Root Table PDF
Contact Person: Miftah
Telephone: +622914295697
Address: Jl.Central Patung No.99 Rt 04 Rw 01 Desa Mulyoharjo, Jepara
Region: Indonesia
Category: Furniture & Furnishings / Antique & Reproduction Furniture
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Post Time: 2013-02-02T17:54:06+00:00
Products of Faridas Art are made of special teakwood raw material having been known is quality and supported by hands of our craftsmen who have different, and even very special skill (such as relief woodcarving), and therefore, it is created unique, funny, antique, exotic and special products. The special and spectacular products give special prestige for collectors and you will never worry the value decline of this woodcarving work because its raw material is rare and craftsmen are rare potential in the sector. All of these makes your collection to be more and more valueable.

A Table made from tens years old of teakwood. It is the table collection which is very rare now, because the raw material is very difficult to find. Made by our talented craftsman, so it produce the table with motif and shape which is very interesting. It is suitable for the people who like art and collection of rare things. Available in any size and shapes. We are ready to serve you in a big order.
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