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[Sell]Non-gmo Functional Soy Protein Concentrate

PDF: [Sell]Non-gmo Functional Soy Protein Concentrate PDF
Contact Person: Chris Zhang
Telephone: 86-539-7167518
Address: Sanwei Industrial Park,Bancheng,Lanshan,Linyi city,Shandong Province,China
Region: China
Category: Food & Beverage / Food Agents
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Functional Soy Protein Concentrate

It is made from Non-GMO soybean and produced under strict quality system proved by HACCP, ISO9001:2008 certificates.

Product Code: SW7003
Grade: Food Grade
Use: Widely used in processed Meat
Protein Concentrate : min. 68-72%
Product Properties:
good gelatification, high protein content and good water binding, excellent emulsification; can improve product yield ratio, increase water retention, improve emulsification and maintain nutritional value.
Packing: 25kg /20kg net weight, multi-wall, poly-lined paper bag
Storage: Stores up under dry and the cool condition, the temperature is lower than 28 ℃, the relative humidity is not bigger than 65%
Shelf life: Within 12 months’ shelf life under above storage situation

hysical & chemical index
Protein (dry basis, Nx6.25, %) ≥68
Moisture (%) ≤7.0
Fat (%) ≤1.0
Ash (dry basis, %) ≤6.0
Particle Size (100 mesh, %) ≥96
Microbiological index
Total plate count ≤20000cfu/g
Coliform ≤30/100g
E.coli Negative
Salmonella Negative

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