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[Sell]crystal chakra singing bowls

PDF: [Sell]crystal chakra singing bowls PDF
Contact Person: yangsong
Telephone: +86-416-2627888
Address: Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China
Region: China
Category: Sports & Entertainment / Musical Instrument
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product information

bowl diameter color association chakra musical note function
9 red root chakra C survival
10 orange sacral chakra D creativity
6 yellow solar plexus chakra E energy
8 green heart chakra F love
14 blue throat chakra G expression
12 Indigo third eye chakra A vision
11 violet crown chakra B understanding
These pristine frosted bowls are made with 99.9% quartz crystal and are especially designed for accurate toning. Each bowl is harmonically tuned to the note associated with each Chakra, or spiritual center, within the human body. The associated alpha waves coming from the bowls enhance relaxation and balancing. They are ideal for realigning energy in the body for healing, but also for use with Feng Shui in your living space, musical performance, meditation, and for spiritual workshops. The beautiful sound from these bowls is truly heavenly and must be heard to be truly appreciated. Our manufacturer is bound for its production of high quality pure crystal products, and these bowls are its expert design.
sound therapy and meditation
Suit crowds
Sound Therapists, Massage Practitioners, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Reiki Practitioners, Musicians, Singers, Voice Coaches, Meditation Teachers and Energy workers choose our bowls when they want the best sound quality, resonance and customer service for their practices, clients and own reputations.
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