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Walter Kennedy Exporter

Company Name:
Walter Kennedy Exporter
Business Owner:

5 - 10 People
Main markets:
North America South America Eastern Europe Southeast Asia Af
Business Type:
WoodChips, Cement, Wood Pellets
About Us:
Closing deals are not difficult, people will make mistakes due to lack of knowledge, procedures not followed and more. This a message for starters for individuals who are frustrated and experienced being mislead, exploited, betrayed and not sure how or who to trust so they hold back to close deals. Below is some awareness to connect with and more in the future to insure your security of your commission, specified cement, contracts.
Be in touch with me and I can send you in the right direction legally with results as long as the rules and procedures are followed. You will also experience more info of understanding once you are in contact to be consulted.
Here is some info to follow or relate to past key issue problems.
The procedures below is put in place to insure both the buyer and supplier is protected.
Custom brokers is a important position in order for the product to enter the country.
All specifications of the cement has to match the countries specifications.
The buyer should have a Lawyer that practices both laws of the country of the buyer to the country of the mandate or supplier.
It is also best to have a neutral country to sign the final contract.
The intermediate individuals must sign Nondisclosure agreements to protect there agreed with the mandate of the supplier and or the buyer.
This only applies when the commission is agreed verbally then signed as a hard copy.
The intermediate must have a lawyer will insure or determine all documents signed is order.
Procedures to follow in order to obtain certificates:
The buyer authors a complete Letter of Intent (LOI) describing what he wants to buy, and how he wants to buy it. He then submits it to the seller along with a Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) authored by the buyer's banking officer qualifying the buyer to purchase a given quantity of goods as listed according to the specifications defined on the LOI.
In response to the LOI received from the buyer the seller issues a Full Corporate Offer (FCO) to the buyer. The FCO describes what the seller has for sale, and how he wants to sell it.
The buyer accepts the FCO by signing it, and returns the signed FCO to the seller.
In response to the receipt from the buyer of the signed FCO the seller issues to the buyer a sales agreement or contract for sale. At this time the seller must expose his full banking information.
All intermediary brokers' commissions are protected by a Master Fee Protection Agreement (MFPA) integrated into the agreement or contract.
The buyer executes the contract by signing it, and returns the signed contract to the seller.
The buyer's bank officer contacts the seller's bank officer, or vice versa, by telephone to confirm readiness to proceed with the signed contract.
After the two bank officers confirm readiness, the seller's bank contacts the buyer's bank to verify funds, and to confirm proof of product.
After proof of funds (POF) and proof of product (POP) , the buyer's bank opens a non-operative or pre-advised Letter of Credit (LC) in favor of the seller.
The seller's bank, in turn, activates the LC by posting a Performance Bond (PB) in favor of the buyer.
The product shipments then commence as detailed in the contract.
The seller usually pays for the product inspection at the port of loading.
The buyer should have all documentation checked and verified by a reputable freight forwarder.
Results is what everyone desires, keep that in mind. , it is a matter of mutual agreements to be met. We are not interested in stepping on peoples toes, there is rules to follow as we have and will continue by not overextending the business or territories.
This is how you build a business relationship of long term and exclusive.
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Walter Kennedy Jr

Transportation - Truck Parts
United States Walter Kennedy Exporter
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United States Transportation - United States Truck Parts
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Contact Person:
Mr. Walter Kennedy Jr
Zip Code:
1924 Oroville Court, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
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